A crowdfunding campaign was launched over a month ago by Bootlin in order to fund the development of an upstream Linux kernel driver for the Allwinner CedarX VPU. The VPU (Video Processing Unit) is in charge of offloading video decoding … Continue reading

Les terminaux font aujourd’hui partie de la vie quotidienne de millions d’utilisateurs, au travers d’appareils de différents formats et en particulier d’appareils mobiles de type smartphone, tablette ou d’ordinateurs portables. Ces appareils ont permis de numériser bon nombre d’aspects de … Continue reading

A new version (0003) of Replicant 6.0 has been released a few weeks ago. It fixes an important issue that makes devices end up in a boot loop (the devices were crashing during boot, endlessly) when installing certain applications. It … Continue reading

While Replicant is mainly backed by Wolfgang in terms of technical contributions nowadays, Denis and Paul are still active in the project, in other ways. Over the past few months, we have been working with ARCEP, the independent French governmental … Continue reading

A few months have passed since the initial Replicant 6.0 release and it’s time for another one. This release more than doubles the number of supported devices and contains a few important fixes and improvements. The latest changes from LineageOS … Continue reading

Over the last one and a half years, a lot of work has been done to move Replicant to a new version and to add new features. Everything started with a (now archived) forum post in January 2016 that documented … Continue reading

And you can help making it accessible to more GNU/Linux users! We have decided not to create a Replicant 6.0 SDK as part of the upcoming Replicant 6.0 release. For three previous Replicant versions (2.2, 4.0 and 4.2), a SDK … Continue reading

Replicant 6.0 is moving forward and quite some work has been done over the last months. Galaxy S2 Only the Galaxy S3 was supported for a very long time. Recently, support for the Galaxy S2 was added. This was made … Continue reading

Replicant 6.0 early work and associated efforts: At Replicant, things are moving again: Replicant is being updated from Android 4.2 to Android 6.0 by Wolfgang Wiedmeyer. The status and feedback takes place in the forums before it is reviewed and … Continue reading

Various media, including slides and video recordings, from recent talks about Replicant are available on the Replicant wiki Conferences page, including : FOSDEM 2016 (slides and video) Coliberator 2016 (slides) PSESHSF 2016 (slides and video) Some of these presentations are great … Continue reading

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